Saturday, 2 October 2010

Try again

I do find it so hard to keep on sorting out stuff for this blog and my SLYA one, somehow doing this is always bottom of the priority list and then it never reaches the top. Anyway today I have managed to get some photos of my latest shrug using Lisa Daehlin's pattern
I used Rowan bamboo tape which I bought very cheaply a while ago. Infact I love the pattern and result so much that I have knitted three, two as presents and one for me

You might also notice the rather fetching knitted necklace. My first attempt at knitting beads. They are somewhat on the large side but I am thrilled all the same. This time I used this pattern After all this succes I spent last night knitting a different shrug by Lisa only to realise that I had made a mistake and had to undo loads and loads and it took ages to work out which row I should be doing. Grrrr.
Back on track now though for TV knitting, but must make meal first

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Crazy patchwork

This was my first attempt at crazy patchwork. A friend lent me a book on it and I did enjoy making it. I was so inspired at the time that I thought I would go on an make a quilt but as yet have not bothered.
My problem is that I flit from craft to craft but do always return to knitting. But I like crazy patchwork more than normal, you can get away without needing to be so precise with joins etc!!

Kirsty's Homemade Stuff

After watching Kirsty's programme on TV I got carried away and made lots of bits to put on presents.
I made the ribbon roses by just putting a large machine stitch down one edge to gather it up with, while she used florists ribbon.
They were great fun to make

Pom Pom brooches

I had a craze of making these brooches a while ago and was really pleased with them. I used fancy yarns and just made the pompoms with a small amount of yarn and then added ribbon and a button or bead to the top and brooch pin to the back. It added a piece of fabric with bondaweb to the back first as I thought this would help hold the whole thing together.
Lots of my friends now have one and I have lots of different colourways

Sufflok Punch Book mark

A while ago I bought a book mark as a present for a friend which was made from a length of ribbon with a few beads added to each end. I tried to copy this and got in a great mess trying to clamp a metal clip to the end of the ribbon. Then I had an idea to try added a mini suffolk punch to each end instead.
I was quite pleased with the result and have now wondered what they would be like with mini pompoms on the end?

First post

Been meaning to record my crafty pursuits for ages and now at last here is one of them
This hat is from a Kim Hargreaves pattern. Though mine is nowhere near at baggy as the pattern. Think my year was a lot thinner.
I also added a curly edge flower from a design by Belinda Harris Reid
I love the flowers and really enjoy knitting them, they take about an hour to knit (for me anyway) and I have then added a little bit of seaweed stitch to the centre of some of them.
Must try the hat again with thicker yarn